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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly service fee for using the phone system in addition to the transcription charge?
No, you are only charged for the work that is transcribed.

How quickly will I receive my completed document?
Transcription Connection guarantees most work in a 48 hour turnaround time. Shorter turn around time may be set up as a custom request.

Are there monthly minimum charges with any of the services?
No, there are no minimum charges for either the phone system, digital upload or tapes.

Do you transcribe files if there are foreign accents involved?

Yes, we are able to handle transcripts involving speakers with foreign accents.
There may be a need to charge more if the audio is particularly difficult.

How are completed transcripts delivered?
Completed transcripts are e-mailed to you as a Word document attachment or uploaded to your protected site.

My Audio Files and Tapes are confidential. How can I be sure that they will remain confidential?
We take the issues of privacy and confidentiality very seriously and provide a number of safeguards. The dictation/transcription platform provides 128 bit encryption, fire walls and a secure VPN site as well as an FTP site. All systems require personal passwords and user names in order to access.
Signed HIPAA compliant confidentiality agreements are required by all transcriptionists and staff.

Can I send my tapes to you to be transcribed and do you return the tapes when the job is completed?
We receive overnight shipments daily from across the country. Yes, all tapes are returned once our clients have received the completed transcripts.

Why are some words listed as “inaudible” in my transcript?

There may be instances where a transcriptionist cannot understand words because the speaker mumbled, talked to fast, recording volume was low, background noise obscured the words or a foreign accent made it difficult to understand the exact word.

Our transcriptionists do not make up dialog and the transcripts reflect exactly what
we can hear. Clear audio usually results in no “inaudibles” at all. We do our very best
to clear up as many “inaudibles” as possible by researching company names and
products on the Internet. We also may ask the client for a list of terminology and
names specific to their transcript to help eliminate this issue.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes. Transcription Connection guarantees all its work and will make sure our clients are satisfied.

Are Transcription Connection’s systems HIPAA compliant for medical dictation?
Yes. Transcriptionists and clients must use private passwords and user names to access systems. Systems use 128 bit encryption and firewalls.

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Transcription Connection guarantees most work is completed with a 48 hour turn-around time.

The dictation/transcription platform provides 128 bit encryption, and fire walls to ensure confidentiality